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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All Because of You by Melissa Hill

Tara Harrington is a life coach whose life is going really well. She has got the great job, the flash car and a nice home that she shares with Glenn. When her younger sister the troublesome Emma becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby's father's identity secret from all. It is a mystery to who the father can be. Then when Emma starts to spend a lot of time with Tara's best friend Liz's husband both Tara and Liz become suspicious.

Natalie is a successful PR girl who works in London. Although she has a brilliant career she does not have much luck with her love life and finding the perfect man to settle down with and marry is all she wants to do. So she turns to Tara to life coach her, so she can hopefully have better luck finding and keeping the man of her dreams. However Tara is going to find that she has much more in common with Natalie than she thought.

I am a big Melissa Hill fan but it's been quite a while since I read one of her books so I had forgotten just how good she actually is. This is one of her best and most page turning and of course featuring her signature twist towards the end. 

There's only been one time I've ever managed to guess one of her twists and that was about the only book of hers that I didn't really enjoy. What I love about her is that she really has you believing all along that you can predict exactly what is going to happen but you never ever can!You will never see this one coming.

I found Tara and Liz extremely likeable characters, particularly Tara. Natalie is cool too but she's way too caught up in herself and her man dramas will have you wanting to rip the pages out in frustration. Emma is just someone I would never wish to know in real life but thankfully she herself doesn't feature largely but her presence is felt throughout in how her situation affects the story.

If you've never read a Hill book before I would highly recommend you start with this one.

Divaliciouz Rating       *****

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