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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hack/Slash Volume 2: Death By Sequel and Volume 3: Friday the 31st by Tim Seeley

Everyone's favorite slasher-slasher is back in a slue of bloody adventures! Follow Cassie Hack and her hefty partner, Vlad, as they go everywhere from killer chipmunk hunting to Japan to Cassie's worst nightmare - literally! This second collected volume from creator Tim Seeley takes you even deeper into what it means to hunt psychotic killers for a living - and look good doing it!

Surviving the first horror movie is tough. Surviving the sequel is near impossible. Making it to the third? Now THAT'S, well, superhuman! Cassie and Vlad manage to get to their third trade paperback collection of Hack/Slash! But there, they have to face murderous dolls, medical miscreants, and satanic rockers... will they make it to the end in one piece?

Oh boy am I happy that this novel series picked up! I had been so looking forward to reading it and was quite a bit disappointed by the first book. But it totally and utterly blew me away this time around. It is awesome!! 

I adore the teaming of Vlad and Cassie. And man is Cassie hot! And I say that as a straight female! Cannot wait to continue the series.

Divaliciouz Rating     *****

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